I’m Nalinda Madusanka,
and this is My Story

My name is Nalinda Madusanka. I come from Dickwella. My main task at SureCore is QA, which is quality assurance. As part of my main task,  I do quality checking of products developed by my colleagues. I look into details of UI issues, alignment issues and I report back to my colleagues. They would then change the code and send it back to me for further review. As the final step, senior staff would go through it and provide necessary approval to release it. QA play a crucial part in the software development as it ensures the customer receives a quality product from us.

Students from our 3C Engineer batch work at SureCore as coders, UI designers, designers and QAs. We work together as a team to develop products for our clients.Hands on working environment at SureCore helped us to learn more about clients requirements.